If you haven’t heard me say this before, LeadPages is a company that continues to impress the entire industry.

In 2014 alone, LeadPages grew their email list from 40,000 to 120,000. In other words, they tripled the size of their audience — and tripled their number of potential customers.

This week, LeadPages is hosting an all-new training to give you a glimpse at how they did it.

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In this live training, our friends at LeadPages will show you their top list-building tactics of 2014 — that you can use to double your business growth in 2015.

These are the specific tactics you need to know about if. . .

  • You have any interest in adding to your bottom line in 2015.

  • You want to ramp up your marketing this year (and have no idea where to start).

  • You want to create a new email list or grow an existing email list.

  • You have clients who are looking for new marketing ideas this year.

  • You are short on time, and need to get your 2015 marketing plan in place now.

If this sounds like where you’re at, then I highly recommend you make time for this live training on Wednesday at 6 pm Eastern.

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I’ll see you at this live training on Wednesday.

Ann Kesselman  [www.IT-begins-now.com]

P.S. This is a one-time-only training. That means if you miss it, you may not get a chance to see it again. So I highly encourage you to make time for this one. Go here to register now.<–