Tangled Vine

This weekend we finally planted in the garden 4 flowering Mandavilla vines purchased 3 months ago that have been sitting and growing on our lanai patiently waiting our attention. This task ultimately had an unexpected and profound outcome.

Before we could plant I had to de-tangle the 3+ month’s growth of intertwined vine; some of which was sturdy, much was delicate new growth and some were dead hard twists which were nearly wood-like.  Working in the warm breeze, I recalled a moment as a little girl watching my father as he patiently worked on a massive tangle of twine.  I remember at the time I was just impatient for us to get on with our project and asked him why he just didn’t buy another roll of twine, it wasn’t that we couldn’t afford it; I realize now that at the time I didn’t really understand his explanation.  His words became clear as I continued to meticulously work from the delicate tips of the vine downward, that doing something that requires concentrated patients and effort is very centering, taking you away from consuming thoughts allowing you to return, upon completions of a task, with a clear eye to solve your problems and of course the gratification of a task completed.

This project took me a couple of hours back-winding the many long tentacles that married themselves to neighboring vines on the same plant.  I cut away the dead vines and tangles, urged the more mature parts of the vine to bend in ways they did not want to go to keep from breaking and destroying the plant and I encouraged the young tender shoots, which had grown unattended on my lanai, to untwist where I didn’t want them to be.  Some of these young shoots had entwined themselves with some equally unattended weeds but they are now free of weeds to grow as intended.  I finished by carefully arraigning the vines up onto the trellis over our swing, so they would continue in the right direction.  Then we sat on our swing enjoying a refreshing cup of iced tea admiring the vines and imagining the beautiful color to come when the vines take solid root.

When I began on Saturday it was with the IT begins Now mentality to get another project left uncompleted underway but I realize now that this gardening project was more inspirational than I would have imagined.  Besides getting the beautiful plants growing where they were intended it occurred to me, in the process, that when something that is left unattended will continue on it’s own without my guidance and very likely in ways I would not desire.  Unless I take hold, cut away the dead unproductive aspects that keep my IT from breathing, firmly direct the path that will best put my IT on the right path and vigilantly guide that route, only then will my desired outcome occur.

Whether it is business or anything else, what we have not taken to hand as yet, may prove harder and more time consuming to take back up but with careful attention to encouraging the positive, removing the negative there is great satisfaction and accomplishment when the task is taken on.

Funny how with self gratification comes the impetus to take on more and the realization that not waiting has great power.  What’s your IT?  Whatever your IT is…IT begins now!    -Ann K