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I want to share an email I just received from my new MTTB partners which epitomizes the IT-BEGINS-NOW spirit :

“I headed out and watched the movie Captain America The
Winter Soldier recently…

Pretty awesome flick!

And lot’s o’ marketing and business lessons in it.

Trace back to Captain America’s origins, and seen by most
as a 85 lb. weakling, he was deemed ‘unfit’ for duty…

However, he tried over 5 times to get into the army. Failure
after failure, rejection after rejection, he kept trying…

The brilliant scientist that ended up turning him into Captain
America was attracted to him by his ‘no give up’ attitude.

And one of the most important of his attributes…

He Had Heart.

He Cared.

And He Hated Bullies.

Same things apply in business.

If you want to make it, you can’t give up. If you want it badly
enough, you’ll keep trying. Again, and again, failure after
failure, you’ll keep at it.

There will be no other way out, BUT success…

But it can’t be all about making money.

No, like Captain America, it’s gotta come from the heart. You
have to want to help others, to solve THEIR problems, you
have to care.

He hated bullies, that was a big driver for him. Who’s your
bully? Someone who doesn’t believe in you and this

Your Boss?

Whoever it is, be determined to prove em’ wrong, and
get into a position where you never have to deal with
a bully in your world.

Moving on…

Even after Captain America achieved superhero powers, he
was treated like a carny. Going around doing plays, and trying
to pump up the U.S. people…

But that wasn’t what he had signed up for, he wanted to be on
the battle lines where he thought he could make a real difference.

Instead, he was getting mocked by the real soldiers out there, and he was seen as a joke.

Nobody gave him permission. Nobody treated him seriously, not
until he took himself seriously and went out and made things
happen himself.

THEN, they all took note. Then he got respect. Then people
started following him.

In business, you may have acquired great skills and knowledge,
your own superpowers.

However, no one is going to give you permission to succeed. No
body is going to just hand you everything you’ve ever wanted on
a silver platter.

Nothing is going to happen until you take yourself and your results seriously enough to stand up and make things happen on your own. To really take that leadership role and initiative in your life.

Give yourself that permission. Get out and do it and then success will start to follow, not the other way around.

Later on after Captain America saves the world from the villain
Red Skull, he ends up being frozen for like 60 years in the deep

When he’s found and awakens all these years later to our time
today, he’s completely lost for a while. Confused.

The only thing that put him back into the game and gave him his
confidence back was a big enough why, a mission, knowing he
was needed.

Many people are frozen right now in their results and business.

Maybe they’ve achieved a bit of success and then lagged off a
bit. Maybe they’ve learned ‘how to’ do this business…

But they’re in that frozen state of inactivity, not really getting
anything worthwhile done that could make them fulfilled and
change their lives for the better.

What’s gonna bring them out of that state?

They’ve got to want to!

They need a big enough reason WHY.

Maybe it’s something for themselves, for people they love, or
maybe they NEED to do this business for whatever personal

It needs to be big enough so that’ll knock them back to their
senses and into action taking mode.

And in the newest movie he finds out that he can just trust
anyone. He learns to trust his gut and rely on his instincts.

He looked at the truth and facts, not hype and false promises.

Online or in business in general, you’ve got to realize that not
everyone will have your best interests at heart, even if it
seems they do.

Trust your gut. Trust your instincts. And don’t look at what
others are saying, research and find the facts yourself.

Try to protect yourself to the best that you can, but at the
same time not losing trust and seeing the greatness in
most people, and seeing that most DO want to help and
be there for you.

There’s always some great life and business thoughts that
come out of movies, book, and music!

And hopefully a few of these today hit home with you.

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Ann K