Graduations are everywhere I look these days and in this episode of “Ask Matt Lloyd”, he talks about advice he would give to a college student who is looking to start a new business.

This is just the opportunity I wish would have been available and the insight I wish I had been given when I graduated all those years ago:

This episode was recorded on the beach in Jamaica at a Diamond Mastermind  with Diamond member Ken Canon, who lives in Maryland in the United States. Ken wanted to know what advice Matt would give to a young college student who might be about to graduate and looking to start a business.

He discusses some of the mistakes he made while a student at University and talks about some of the things he would have done differently if he had it do over again.

Matt explains the importance of trying out several part time jobs so that you have a good understanding of the things you enjoy and the things you do not want to do in your future career.

Then he shares some of the key things he wished he had been more focused on that would have enhanced his knowledge going forward.

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