Becca Barry had a great job.

Or at least she thought she did.

Becca worked as a subcontractor for NASA as a business strategist.

She made her bosses lots of money. She was told she was an “asset”. She thought she was “irreplaceable”.

And yet, she only got 3% raises every year. And had to fight for those.

And then, when NASA made cutbacks in 2013…Becca was let go.

Thus began Becca’s search for an online business system that could replace her lost income.

$150,000 in failed experiments with

• Ebay stores
• Importing from China
• Selling as an Amazon affiliate
• Creating her own websites
• Setting up her own online mall
• Drop shipping physical products.

Nothing worked…until…

Now Becca makes six figures with her online business. She made $10,000 in her very first month at this business.

Care to guess what that business is?

Watch Becca’s short video here and find out.                                                 arrow down rightBecca Barry                                                     Ann Kesselman

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