Heading to Vegas for 3 Eventful Days to Discover How John is Earning Over $10K Commission Per DAY with a ZERO Dollar Ad Budget…Wanna Join Us?

Heading to Vegas for 3 Eventful Days to Discover How John is Earning Over $10K Commission Per DAY with a ZERO Dollar Ad Budget…Wanna Join Us?

To learn more, click here & grab your seat now… Vegas Here I come!

What is Possible…One of the most valuable tools to grow our business is mentorship and we are heading to Las Vegas at the end of this month where we will be meeting up with valued friends and mentors at a SUPER CHARGE SUMMIT. The video below is John Chow, known across all sectors of Affiliate Marketing as the Ultimate Blogger and one of our personal mentors; John is one of the outstanding speakers at the June 2nd-4th, 2017 Las Vegas NV event. There isn’t a single time that we meet up with John that we don’t pick up something extremely valuable to help propel our business forward and have fun doing it.

We understand that Just One Closely-Guarded Secret Picked Up From One Of These Super Consultants “In Person” Can Potentially Transform our MOBE Business Overnight …
Las Vegas June 2nd – 4th, 2017 however, you’ll be right in thinking that the Top-Earning MOBE Partners do have some tricks up their sleeves which they share only in small intimate circles. Best part of the Super Charge Summit is during the “down time”, people like John are there to interact with one on one.

In fact this strategy of sharing is the backbone idea behind the Super Charge Summit. It’s a place where Top Earners spill the beans for three power-packed days to a privileged 120 member audience lucky and smart enough to be there.

I know changing your life in three days sounds practically impossible. But I’m sure you can think of some life-changing moments when just one idea placed you on a completely different path and you wondered how you lived before, that’s how we feel about attending live events and interacting with successful marketers.

Those types of “aha!” moments don’t come every day, but to every person who is looking and dreaming about success they do come. The Super Charge Summit is set up to create such a moment.

Here are FIVE reasons why we can say this with confidence:

*From 9am Friday to 6:15pm Sunday the Super Charge Summit will inspire you with new ideas, clear your present marketing hurdles and boost your commissions … and it only takes THREE DAYS.

*In just 3 days tips, strategies and tricks will be uncovered that took the Top MOBE Earners years to accumulate. We’ve found that this event is filled with real training that is an essential element to our education.

*Imagine coming home from the Las Vegas Super Charge Summit knowing EXACTLY what to do to increase monthly income and have a “leg up” on all the other partners that did NOT take advantage of this opportunity Or were simply late in responding.

*It is easy for us to Imagine what life would be like with earnings of $10,000 … $20,000 … even $30,000 PER MONTH because we put in place what we’ve learned from this seminar, because we are living it.

… What kind of luxury car would you drive?
… What kind of house would you live in?
… Where would you dine out and what clothes would you buy?
… Would you vacation on an island paradise like Fiji or Aruba?
… Take a dream ski-trip to the Alps?
… Take care of family or causes that are important to us?
… Or fly off to Las Vegas “on a whim” with friends?

John shows in the video what may be accomplished with the MOBE business and though he is by no means the norm we are enthused to be in a program where it is possible to achieve those type of commissions. Imagine having the time, money, and freedom to get up when you want to and go about your day according to YOUR rules.

As John and so many of the successful speakers say “That’s the type of FREEDOM that I enjoy… and the same freedom that Top Earners in the MOBE program enjoy” and what we are coaching our students to work toward too.

Whether you are a seasoned marketer or someone that hasn’t even begun, the June 2nd-4th, 2017 Las Vegas Super Charge Summit will be an invaluable source to propel you forward and put a good foundation on your business.

As an added bonus, get the very 21 Step System that is the basis for our own business FREE just for attending the Super Charge Summit.  Best part is we’ll be available to you every step of the way to see you on to your success.

Wanna Join Us?

Check it out for yourself at this 3Day Weekend in Las Vegas…

To learn more, click here & grab your seat now… Vegas Here I come!

See you at the event!

Ann & Mike

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How To Get Your Sales Leads To Take Wing by Boosting Twitter User Engagement

How To Get Your Sales Leads To Take Wing by Boosting Twitter User Engagement

Twitter is an effective platform for entrepreneurs that want to reach out and increase their online presence. But, these efforts don’t provide a lot of help if you can’t engage your followers.
Twitter user engagement directly impacts your ability to gain sales leads through this social media platform. Engagement refers to the number of followers, retweets, and messages you receive through your Twitter profile.
If you want to boost engagement, then take a moment to review these simple tips.
Shorten Your URL Links
Every entrepreneur should use a web-based program to shorten their URL links. Studies show that shorter URLs receive more clicks.
The programs that generate these shorter URLs also typically provide a method for tracking these links. You can see how many people followed the shortened URL.
Use Images in Your Tweets
Tweets that contain images receive more clicks and more retweets. If possible, all your tweets should contain an image.
If you’re sharing a link to a landing page or a web page that you own, you should set up Twitter cards. This allows Twitter to pull the featured image from your page and place it in the tweet.  I’m thinking of writing a post about the Twitter cards; if you are interested in learning more about these just leave a reply to this post below and let me know.
You can also upload photos for each tweet. It’s time-consuming, but it can help you get more retweets, clicks, and new followers.
Ask People to Retweet Your Tweets
Sometimes you just need to ask people to do exactly what you want them to do.
As my daddy used to tell me “…the worst they can do is say no”.  Ask people to retweet your tweets.
Including “RT” in your tweet can help you gain 10 times as many retweets. On average, including the word “retweet” in your tweet will result in 23 times as many re-tweets.
This only takes up a few characters of the space that you have available. Give it a try. Add “RT” to the end of all tweets moving forward.
Include Actionable Words in Your Tweet
Along with asking people to retweet your tweets, you should include actionable words. You may not have enough space to include a full call to action, but you can use actionable words to increase engagement. Examples of actionable words include:
  •  Download
  • Free trial
  • Subscribe
  • Learn more
  • Read now
  • Gain access
 Engage Your Twitter Followers
You should also drive engagement by being more engaging. You can include questions in your tweets, to encourage people to respond. This drive engagement and could result in more followers.
If you haven’t already, you should set Twitter to send email notifications when you receive a new message and when your Twitter tag is mentioned in another tweet.
You should respond to questions and comments as soon as possible. Even if the comment is unrelated to the products or services that you sell, you need to be active on social media. Respond when people talk to you.
Tweet Late at Night
The final tip for increasing user engagement on Twitter is to tweet late at night. These late-night tweets obtain about 10 times as many retweets as similar tweets sent during the day.
If you go to bed early, you can use a social media management platform to automate the release of your tweets and social media posts.
In the end, using Twitter to increase your online exposure depends more on quality than quantity. The number of followers that you have is less important than how engaged your followers are.
Focus on engagement by responding to tweets, asking questions, and using these other tips. Increasing your Twitter user engagement will help you boost the number of followers that you’ve got, along with helping to increase traffic from Twitter to your website.
Gain even more internet marketing tips and access to a system for generating conversion-ready prospects, by clicking here to learn about my done-for-you system.
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Limited Time: Full Education Reimbursement Opportunity -Deadline May 13, 2017

Limited Time: Full Education Reimbursement Opportunity -Deadline May 13, 2017

It’s Ann and I am so very excited to share with you Matt’s “ONE-TIME opportunity to get 100% of your MOBE Tuition back! Promo” that ends May 13th…

Talk about generating excitement and “popping Silvers”!

We are offering our private coaching students and because this is such a special opportunity event, those that joined MOBE under us, the opportunity to promote this Very Limited Time opportunity using the PDF and Funnel I created.  Just  let me know and I will switch out our links to yours and help you with your funnel if you need help.

Send either Mike or me a private message or email with your request, be sure to include your MOBE affiliate link and I will switch out our link to yours and send you the PDF ready to use in your marketing.


Not yet in MOBE? No worries, you can still take advantage of this ““ONE-TIME opportunity to get 100% of MOBE tuition back!” Promo that ends May 13th…

Just sign up for Standard MOBE $49.00 AND before May 13th upgrade to Silver or higher and register for the 100% Back Promotionthat’s it…it is that easy.

And if you jump on this right now you can begin advertizing and offering this same opportunity to the people you introduce to MOBE’s excellent training programs. Talk about a great way to build a relationship with your new customers.

Give yourself the time to get started and take full advantage of this one time opportunity to get the cost of all of your training back ***no matter what level in MOBE training from Silver and above you’ve purchased by May 13, 2017***

To sign up to Standard click this link Now => http://it-begins-now.com/standard21step-100pct-bymay13-17

(PS did you know that if you purchase SILVER Training now you will get GOLD Training at no additional charge?

Not only is that a SIGNIFICANT saving but more importantly SIGNIFICANT training)

Talk soon,


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Warning, this rant is not what you think it’s about…..

Warning, this rant is not what you think it’s about…..

Warning, this rant is not what you think it’s about…..

Hey there, it’s Mike here!

Four nights ago I was on a call with a good friend of mine, “super” marketer Marcin Marczak from London. We met about 8 months ago at a business workshop during an exotic breakfast in Bali, Indonesia.

He is one of those people who always takes an interest in others and the events around him with an amazing ability to build instant rapport. What is amazing to me is how well he transforms his observations into business relatable stories for future use to help new marketers create and tell their own stories.

Why am I talking about this?

He and I were discussing a problem common to many people who are just like me. How do we relate everyday seemingly uninteresting “happenings” that are positive and negative into a teachable moment?

I grew up a very private person and never wanted to “put my life out there;” so Facebook was never of interest to me. However, I learned that social media is critical in today’s business world because less and less communication is done face to face or even verbally, it’s done with a keyboard, short videos and programs like skype.

So as Marcin would say, the process is simple and all you have to do is just “take action” and do it!

Mike’s Tip: when you have a “warm” customer who wants to make a purchase… take them seriously.

Two weeks ago my laptop crashed, it suddenly got so hot it could have fried an egg, beeped out an error message and promptly shut down. Now I knew what the problem was, but decided my time could be better spent doing productive things for my business than disassembling an older laptop, searching and replacing the part.

So, I made the correct decision for the problem by deciding my time spent focusing on business was more valuable than paying a tech money to do the repair.

The solution was simple and I dropped it off at the computer store where I was already a customer, explained the problem to the owner and let him know that I need the unit for business. If it could not be repaired quickly and reasonably then just call me with a quote for a new machine.

My point is we already had a business relationship and since I had done business with him before, he fit the “know, like and trust” requirement.

The good part, I’m already a customer… So why did I buy my new computer yesterday from someone else?

He did not take an honest interest in me as the customer, ask pertinent questions, qualify my needs and instead assumed that my problem could be solved with a cheap price.

Here’s what I mean… He listened to my tale of woe politely, but didn’t really hear what I was saying or asking. I had already told him that I had a need, what I wanted and what I was willing to do. I basically handed him my “wallet” and he totally ignored it, he walked past the “low hanging fruit.”

He was more concerned with his own agenda and began pushing his “on the shelf” stock. He assumed a low price was more important than fitting the needs I just carefully explained to him. His solution didn’t fit my requirements. Another quick explanation on my part was answered with an “I got it” and we were finished with a promise to get back to me quickly.

I waited 2 days before calling him only to learn that his tech had not started the project and he would call me in a couple more days. When asked about the price of a new computer, he had not gotten around to it. OK, he is busy, I get it.

Two more days go by and still no call. Since I normally pass his store on my way home I stopped in to see if he had a solution. Not yet, they are really busy and just could not get to it… great. (Ok, I get it, you’re really busy, but your making your problem my problem… I’m skilled enough to create my own problems without anyone’s help)

The weekend is approaching and he closed a couple of days early for Easter weekend, no problem I will get it on Monday. I called Monday and he told me it’s next on the bench and no he hasn’t priced a new computer yet.

Day number 10, I speak with him on the phone and learned the computer is not repairable and trying to get parts will be difficult. Now I just want it back, and I will start looking on line for another computer.

Day number 11, I stop back, and there is my computer on the bench in pieces…he will have it ready for me to pick up tomorrow.

Day 12, the computer is in one piece and I pick it up after paying a $45.00 bench fee. Oh and I’ll have the quote ready for you tomorrow.

Day 14, I still don’t have a laptop and I placed an online order for two of them direct from the manufacturer following keyboard chats with the salesperson.

Here is the take away:
• If you are dealing with a warm customer, let them know they are important by listening to their “story” and provide quick follow-through.
• Don’t make them chase you, the marketer, for promised follow-up.
• Don’t make a rooky mistake by ignoring the “I’m ready to buy now” signal
• Treat every customer, new and repeat by their purchasing potential as a repeat customer over time and not just the current sale.
• Know your products and offer your best advice on the merits of the purchase, it builds trust.

The real issue is this is not a rant about the repair guys. It’s not even about the repair, but it is about the importance of taking care of a customer and it’s really about his lack of follow-through causing me to lose the Freedom to work from anywhere I wanted to be.

Suddenly, I am reminded of a time when much of my work had to be done in an office and I admit I’m spoiled.

I miss the freedom a laptop provides, not to mention the ability to be in the field with a camera and still conduct business while waiting for the light to change or wildlife to appear.

Did I mention not liking to write on an iPhone where the keys are too small for my fat fingers?

So, here is the sell, if you have never enjoyed the satisfaction building your own business with the freedom to work anywhere you don’t know what you are missing!

Want to find out? Contact me by email or skype for a free strategy session.

Talk Soon…


Ps: New laptop to arrive in 10 days.

PPS: if I had ordered this 10 days ago I’d be sending this message from my new laptop instead of this $@&$@ phone. Lesson learned.

PPPs: Thanks for the advice Marcin, you were right about slowing down and appreciating the journey!

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The 18 Questions you need to ask before partnering up with an affiliate company…

The 18 Questions you need to ask before partnering up with an affiliate company…

What you need to ask before partnering up with an affiliate company…

As I continue my journey building my own affiliate marketing business, I have to admit that it’s been quite a learning experience.

Despite having a fantastic business background and working with some of the best business systems a multibillion dollar company could provide, I was totally lost about how to use the internet to generate real income.  Let alone, to think of surpassing the salary, bonuses and perks I worked hard to achieve over the course of my career.

This sounds silly, but my confidence to grow an online business was about a 1 on a scale of 1-10. I wasn’t a fan of social media and not only did I not understand it, I did not want to understand it.  For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why would anyone want to know what I ate for breakfast?

So, when I entered the world of online marketing, I was lucky that the initial and most important part of starting an affiliate marketing business was already done for me when my wife and partner started her own business and chose her first affiliate partner.  To quote an “Indiana Jones” movie, she “chose wisely.”

I learned from experience the tools made available to affiliates are incredibly important if they are to be successful marketers and make sales.  Let me be clear about this.  I am talking about people like me who had little or no experience with affiliate marketing.  Honestly I had no idea what systems and steps I would have to learn or what basic software tools I needed to purchase just to get started.

As I did research and tried to wade through all of the information and misinformation on the internet, I did learn one thing.  If I jumped in without a system, I could and probably would lose a lot of money making costly mistakes.  Why?  From personal experience all top companies provide their leaders with operational manuals and require constant coaching that when followed ensures a profitable and predictable outcome.  They also require ongoing training, goal setting and accountability to maintain peak performance.  In other words, everyone follow the same “success” path.

Does this guarantee success?  Absolutely not.  Success is no more guaranteed in this venture than working as an employee in any type of business because people are unique and each person’s work ethic is different.

Now, if you have decided to move forward entering your first affiliate relationship, how do you decide what company is the best one that will help you reach your goals?

For our purposes, let’s assume you have already figured out who your ideal customer is and that you know what they want.  If your still not sure, see my earlier post about your “avatars” to find your ideal customer.  Let’s also assume that you have a clear financial goal in mind and understand that there will be extra costs involved and you have already looked at different products.

Instead of listing the countless affiliate programs available, I going to point out some questions I would ask that will increase your ability to be successful achieving personal and business goals.

  • How much is the initial training and what does it cover?
  • If I want to grow my business and earnings does the company have a track record and training program to help me achieve my plan?
  • Is their training geared only for the specific company or will it help me to work with multiple companies to develop multiple streams of income?
  • What additional types of training do you offer?
  • How much will it cost to gain your licensing rights?
  • What tools do you provide that will help to make sales and what do I need to purchase on my own and have in place before I can start earning?
  • Do you have different levels of live events that will appeal to entry level people all the way up to your highest earners?
  • Are the products you offer physical or digital and do I have to be responsible for handling, shipping, collections, and returns?

Not enough questions?  Here are a few more to think about, especially for someone new when considering any business venture

  • How successful is the company you want to partner with?
  • Do they provide many of the necessary tools that you will need to conduct daily business?
  • Does the company understand that their growth is dependent on their affiliates and treat them accordingly with financial rewards and recognition?
  • Does the company provide value driven sales training right from the very beginning that is constantly updated and ongoing?
  • Is the company committed to constant training for its veteran marketers to meet their needs as they scale their business?
  • Does the company and its affiliates partners promote an active community offering help and support? Are members of the company hierarchy actively involved and responsive in the groups?
  • Does the company have ready-made quality tools for affiliates like funnels, emails, and other follow up necessities?
  • What types of products are offered to sell and does the company have different tiers (levels) of products?
  • Will the company take over the actual selling to the customer or does the affiliate have to assume the role of telemarketer and to make the sale?
  • Does the company offer passive commission?

One statement of caution, when doing your research on a company:  Do your research from many different angles and understand that all “reviews” will contain positive and negative opinions.  Look at the good and the bad comments, remember that people who fail rarely take ultimate responsibility.

What I learned in my own business is that deviating from the system model or not following my own mentor’s advice could lead to costly mistakes.  My definition of “costly mistake” goes beyond money, it translates to any action or inaction that slows down my forward momentum.

P.S. Need a place to start? 

Pick up a copy of this book. It’s just $3 and is a great primer on creating an entrepreneurial mindset and making a six-figure income online. ==>  http://it-begins-now.com/wifi-book   


Can you really make money online with affiliate Marketing?

Can you really make money online with affiliate Marketing?

It’s Mike here!

So, yesterday I spoke with a person who answered one of my advertisements and he wanted to learn more about my business and how it really works.  But after peeling back the layers I found the real question being asked was “Can I really make money online with affiliate marketing?”

While I almost shot back with a glib answer, I remembered when I was researching different online opportunities I was clueless and confused.  You see, I did not understand the affiliate marketing process at all.  It sounded too easy.

In fact, the more someone explained their system to me the more skeptical I became.  For some reason, I just could not stop thinking about all those products I still had in my garage, drawing circles and chasing money while working with a multi-level marketing company.

How often have you heard people describe what they do in an online marketing business?  Many times these marketers can’t describe their business because they are not clear themselves what their ultimate mission is.

There is a difference between owning a business and promoting the products of others that result in sales and earned commissions.  Learning to start, run and grow a business is one side of the coin, and choosing the income stream or streams that you want to promote are another.

While they work hand in hand with each other, what is the ultimate goal?  Is the goal to move product and make extra money or is it to build a sustainable and scalable business with multiple streams of income?    Well, the answer depends on your end goal and your business plan.

Here’s how I describe my business; I am a professional marketer who generates income by promoting products created by other companies as well as myself.  Here’s an example: Once I find a product that fits my niche and can agree to the creator’s terms, my primary plan is to follow my business model and drive new customers to the affiliate.  They buy and I am rewarded with a commission.

Because my niche products are educational in nature they follow my desire to work with and help other people to do the same.  This creates another income stream consisting of coaching and mentoring like-minded people who want to follow the same path.   Add to this another income stream from developing my own product to sell and webinars.   As I work the business, the goal keeps moving with each new Idea and eventually other affiliates to promote.

So, what’s the catch?  It seems so easy that anyone can do it, right?

Here’s the negative comment:  I’m going to post a disclaimer about online marketing being “easy money.” The simple truth is this, it’s not.  If you are looking to make quick money with no financial investment or time commitment then you are looking for a “scam business”, all you have to do is check the internet because it’s full of them.

Are seriously thinking of starting an online business or do you simply want to make extra money?  Then catch my next post…  I’ll be talking about the benefits to look for that may make one type of business more attractive than another.  After all, if you’re going to put the effort into your business, wouldn’t you want the best R.O.I.?

Hope you make it a productive week!

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