It’s Mike here!

So, yesterday I spoke with a person who answered one of my advertisements and he wanted to learn more about my business and how it really works.  But after peeling back the layers I found the real question being asked was “Can I really make money online with affiliate marketing?”

While I almost shot back with a glib answer, I remembered when I was researching different online opportunities I was clueless and confused.  You see, I did not understand the affiliate marketing process at all.  It sounded too easy.

In fact, the more someone explained their system to me the more skeptical I became.  For some reason, I just could not stop thinking about all those products I still had in my garage, drawing circles and chasing money while working with a multi-level marketing company.

How often have you heard people describe what they do in an online marketing business?  Many times these marketers can’t describe their business because they are not clear themselves what their ultimate mission is.

There is a difference between owning a business and promoting the products of others that result in sales and earned commissions.  Learning to start, run and grow a business is one side of the coin, and choosing the income stream or streams that you want to promote are another.

While they work hand in hand with each other, what is the ultimate goal?  Is the goal to move product and make extra money or is it to build a sustainable and scalable business with multiple streams of income?    Well, the answer depends on your end goal and your business plan.

Here’s how I describe my business; I am a professional marketer who generates income by promoting products created by other companies as well as myself.  Here’s an example: Once I find a product that fits my niche and can agree to the creator’s terms, my primary plan is to follow my business model and drive new customers to the affiliate.  They buy and I am rewarded with a commission.

Because my niche products are educational in nature they follow my desire to work with and help other people to do the same.  This creates another income stream consisting of coaching and mentoring like-minded people who want to follow the same path.   Add to this another income stream from developing my own product to sell and webinars.   As I work the business, the goal keeps moving with each new Idea and eventually other affiliates to promote.

So, what’s the catch?  It seems so easy that anyone can do it, right?

Here’s the negative comment:  I’m going to post a disclaimer about online marketing being “easy money.” The simple truth is this, it’s not.  If you are looking to make quick money with no financial investment or time commitment then you are looking for a “scam business”, all you have to do is check the internet because it’s full of them.

Are seriously thinking of starting an online business or do you simply want to make extra money?  Then catch my next post…  I’ll be talking about the benefits to look for that may make one type of business more attractive than another.  After all, if you’re going to put the effort into your business, wouldn’t you want the best R.O.I.?

Hope you make it a productive week!

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