FLORIDA- I.M. Freedom Workshop

FLORIDA  IM Freedom Workshop is on the way to the TAMPA area!                            January 13th Tampa, 14th Sarasota and 15th St Petersburg 2015  FREE EventHave you ever wanted to Create A Full-Time Income In Your Spare Time And Gain Your Freedom From The […]

4 fastest ways to grow your business with your blog

As you may know, I am a big believer in blogging.   Right now, I’m using my blog to both collect new leads (i.e. grow my email list) and generate more sales for my businesses. So I was very intrigued when I heard that one of my favorite companies — LeadPages — is hosting a […]

Grab the Power – “Tangled Vine”- Taking on Your Ignored or Avoided Task Will Reap Unexpected Rewards on Your Journey to Success.

  Grab the Power – Taking on Your Ignored or Avoided Task Will Reap Unexpected Rewards on Your Journey to Success. [ http://it-begins-now.com/tangled-vine/ ] Tangled Vine: “This weekend we finally planted in the garden 4 flowering Mandavilla vines purchased 3 months ago that have been sitting and growing on our lanai patiently waiting our attention. […]

Think harder about choices…

I received this email and wanted to share on my blog because it touched me and in it’s depth follows the “IT Begins Now!” philosophy of helping one another achieve their “IT’s” (dreams).  Read below to see how SHAY realized his IT on a very special day with the help of those that took the […]
2015 Declaration BLOG

2015 Declaration BLOG

Post your IT here. Let's build a community of support and encouragement together.

MTTB – Lessons from Captain America

  I’ve found a way to maximize income while still having time to follow my passions through MTTB.  As a matter of fact MTTB creates more income than I ever thought possible available with an online business while giving me more time to DO what I want, where I want and when I want than I’ve […]
Altered Essence -Photo Painting

Altered Essence -Photo Painting

Photo Painting  I invite you to Altered Essence; these images are a peek at fragments of my life experience.  The images you will find on this site were altered to convey my personal impressions of the subject, whether at the moment the image was captured or upon reflection.    Please enjoy the ride as you […]

“fun links @ C.A.E. Discovery Club”

In my new website,  www.caediscoveryclub.com There are great links to educational sites that are Fun for kids and adults…check it out for yourself. There is also a page “Cool Books the Gang likes to read” in which there are links to others who are publishing using www.interactbooks.com . I have featured their work because they embody […]


Last post told you about finally achieving my goal to publish my first children’s story The Littlest Discoverer on www.interactbooks.com. Well to go along with the book series I also created a Club House website for the book series the “C.A.E. Discovery Club”.   I invite you to visit the site www.caediscoveryclub.com , especially if you have children, […]