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Hi Mike here,

Who am I?  Well, simply put, I am an ordinary person who has spent the better part of his life working hard to build a better life for my wife Ann and me.  Like most people, we have survived our share of rough times, learning from challenges, and continue to move forward.


I grew up in foodservice business and while I have had only a few different jobs since graduating college all have been in the corporate world as an integral part of the front line management team.  Confident that my work for an industry leader would be a challenge, I believed that with hard work incredible opportunities to grow with the company would always be around the corner.  My biggest reward never revolved around the numerous corporate awards and recognitions, but in helping clients and my employees be successful which in turn made me successful.


For much of my career, this proved to be the case, but as we all know, nothing stays the same and the work environment changes.  In the end, work stopped being fun and the local company decided to save money and downsize.  Even though my plan was to continue working for 3 more years I decided early retirement would be my best course of action and in early 2015 I filled several large boxes with my corporate awards and walked away.


Since “early retirement” was never a part of my life’s plan, the question remained, what’s next?  One thing is certain; I did not want to work for someone else and the thought of being stuck in one place was not exactly appealing, especially since I love travel, nature, and photography.for-Mike-2009-birthday-gift-cut-out-for-websites

So……  This brings me to current day, direct response marketing, and Ann…


Ann has always held many interests and in a very real way we are proof that opposites do attract, she is wonderfully creative while I tend to be introspective and analytical.  Watching her juggle a successful full-time career and continue to develop more online projects in her off hours, I found a real opportunity to answer my own big question of “what next.”


Doing due diligence and research on today’s online marketing phenomenon while following real time social and business trends, I understood that online business success only comes to a few people.  If there is one thing the business world taught me, it is that real success comes from a deep “internal burn to succeed.”  Study highly successful entrepreneurs and the need to succeed is the trait most common to the group.


What I enjoy the most about online marketing is simple, I am able to take control of my time, build a successful business from any location, help others, and still make time for my personal projects.


Above all, I continue to practice the “golden rule” and live by the core principal that personal integrity, ethics, and treating others with respect are fundamental to success in life and in business.




[About:  Ann]