[About:  Mike]

Hi Ann here,

I can’t see a reason why anything shouldn’t contain some element of fun; however, I am serious and dedicated when it comes to the business of making money and helping others achieve their dreams.

After all, think about all the fun you can have from the results. Iter embrasing IT small I also believe if you apply yourself with an open and giving heart, a determination to win, a willingness to learn, and most importantly apply that knowledge, then accomplishing anything is possible.  To be perfectly up front, I guess I am a little bit competitive, no make that a whole lot, but in a good way.


I started working in the travel industry and it was amazing as it fed my desire to travel which helped me continually add places to my “go to” list.  I developed a wonderful repeat client following making the job fun, unfortunately, there was nothing glamorous about the pay, and when I received a career change offer from a good friend in the foodservice industry I Jumped at the chance… that was 25 years ago.


The best part of my career is the ability to develop customer relationships; consulting, marketing and helping clients become successful.  Interestingly enough, many of the skills necessary to be a successful entrepreneur from marketing to analytics are a normal part of my everyday job just with a different focus.  In fact, in some ways it is like running my own business as I am responsible for all facets of my account base.


Though the accolades and benefits from working in the largest, most respected and innovative corporation in our sector are gratifying, I continue to believe there is something very special and fulfilling in owning my own business.

We have developed multiple streams of income but the most lucrative commission and bonus opportunities we found are with MOBE.

Why have Mike and I partnered with MOBE?


I am sure that you have heard this before, but the world is changing, and if I have learned anything during my career, work in the present, but always focus on the future.  With acquired skills and years of experience, I considered ways to start a business that will keep me active and allow me to fulfill my desire to travel after retirement.  Yet for me this “online thing” was a foreign world, a different way of conducting business than the traditional “go to work” everyday career, but what I found is that the “principles” of success are very much the same.


When I discovered MTTB 21 Steps, my first introduction to MOBE, I was skeptical (well not as skeptical as Mike) however after wading through the many get rich quick schemes common to online business searches; the only thing that grew in my investigation was skepticism.  I did my homework and spoke with successful entrepreneurs in the business and glad to have taken the time to find this company, which ended up being the right fit for my goals.  After completing the 7-step mark of 21, I immediately decided to obtain my affiliate License Rights/Silver and place myself in a position to maximize opportunities to make this business work.  SILVER grants the license rights and provides the ability to making large commissions.  As a successful salesperson, I do understand commissions, simply put the greater the focused effort the bigger the reward!  For this “new” business IT has been worth it!


As I still concentrate on my career, one thing helping me is the “DONE FOR YOU” aspect that lets you grow your business (yes get commissions too) while you learn, and I know there is a lot to learn.  The “DONE FOR YOU” allows me to work full time and build my business during off hours.  Eventually my goal will be take total control over my “retirement” business and create my own sales funnels earning even larger commissions from anywhere that has an internet connection.


I am fortunate to have found this training and business opportunity and the more we learn the further we progress and expand our business.  Even better, it’s a natural for having fun.

Our program has evolved to focusing on nurturing those who join this business through us in this unique opportunity.  I’m confident in our program and invite you to learn more about the 21 Steps and see whether our system is right for your future.  We look forward to help you along your journey to success.



[About:  Mike]